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3 Of The Richest People In The World And How To Be Like Them

The richest people in the world have surprising wealth, which of course is extraordinarily large. Some of them have assets that are equal to or even greater than the GDP of some countries.

The world’s richest peoples like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates fought hard to turn brilliant ideas into something innovative, which ultimately made them become what they are now.

While the Koch Brothers, who also appear on the list of richest people, have a business called Koch Industries which is inherited by their parents.

But the great leadership style they implemented was able to make their business progress and make the Koch Brothers make two of the world’s 10 richest people.

Intrigued to find out more about those who filled out the list of the 3 richest people in the world? Check out the following:


List of the 3 Richest People in the World

  1. Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of

Not long ago, Jeff Bezos succeeded in surpassing the value of Bill Gates’s wealth, which at the same time drove him as the latest version of the world’s richest person.

Jeff Bezos is the person behind Amazon’s success, the biggest e-commerce in the world today. Jeff Bezos founded retail giant in 1994 after leaving his job in New York.

Amazon was originally an open store that he started from his garage in Seattle. According to CNBC data, Amazon now has a value of $ 430 billion.

Besides, Jeff Bezos also has a private space company called Blue Origin. He also acquired The Washington Post in 2013 with a sum of $ 250 billion.

Amazon also acquired Whole Foods with an estimated $ 13.7 billion, equivalent to Rp. 183 trillion. As the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos also wants to share his fortune through educational programs.

Jeff Bezos’s parents, Jackie and Mike Bezos, currently also manage the Bezos Family Foundation, a foundation that supports youth education.

Industry: Technology

Net worth: $ 90.6 billion


  1. Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

The name Bill Gates has long been known as the richest person in the world. Although it has been surpassed by Jeff Bezos, his name seems difficult to get out of the list of the top 10 richest people in the world.

Bill Gates is the figure behind the success of Microsoft, whose operating system, Windows, is installed on the majority of computers in the world.

He and Paul Allen, his childhood friend, had a special interest in the field of computers, and jointly founded Microsoft in 1975.

Since then he has been the CEO of Microsoft until 2000. He also became the leader of the company and the largest shareholder until 2014. Bill Gates is still a company advisor in the technology field.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda founded the Bill and Gates Foundation, the largest charity in the world. Founded in 1999, the Foundation focuses on stopping infectious diseases throughout the world, including HIV and malaria.


In addition to working with Microsoft, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg founded The Giving Pledge to encourage other billionaires to donate for the benefit of charity.


Industry: Technology

Net worth: $ 90 billion


  1. Amancio Ortega, Owner of Zara

Amancio Ortega, a Spanish billionaire, is better known as the founding figure of the Inditex group of companies engaged in fashion, the parent company that oversees Zara and several other companies.

Aside from being the number three richest person in the world, Amancio Ortega is also the richest person in Europe. Together with his wife Rosalia Mera, Amancio Ortega founded Inditex in 1975.

Ortega, now 80 years old, is also the richest retailer in the world and owns 59% of Inditex’s shares, which house 7,000 retail stores worldwide.


Industry: Retail

Net worth: $ 83.2 billion.

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